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A- Downtown New Braunfels

B- Comal Rockin 'R'

Parking Directions

If you've floated with Comal Rockin' R or chosen us for your Comal Tube Rental provider before, feel free to let us know what a great time you, your friends, or family had on the Comal River! Do you have a comment about our website, the Comal Rockin' R experience, or the Comal River? Here at Comal Rockin R, we love to hear from our customers and may even share your testimony on our website!

Please feel free to let Comal Rockin R know any comments, questions, concerns, or testimonies by filling out the form below! If you have a question about anything Comal River or Comal Tubing related, we are more than willing to answer your questions and offer advice! We will get back to you as soon as possible. For a visual look at Comal River Tubing, make sure you watch the Virtual Comal Float video to "get your feet wet" in the Comal Rockin' R experience!

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