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Rockin R has been a Comal River Outfitter for over 15 years, providing the community of New Braunfels quality tubes and accessories to ensure your ride down the Comal River is the best possible experience! There are a variety of Comal Tube Rentals available, from tubes with a bottom for younger ones and the traditional open bottom tube.

Because of our vast experience in Comal Tube Rentals, we know that walking back after a long ride on the Comal can be tiring and a nuisance. Comal Rockin R offers rides back to our location so you can enjoy every aspect of your Comal float (As a Comal River Outfitter, we know a ride back makes your Comal River float that much more stress free).

Here at Comal Rockin R, we love to have fun, and want to ensure your Comal River Float is full of awesome, unforgettable memories. If there is anything more we can do for you as your Comal River Outfitter, don’t hesitate to ask!

Drop us a line today, or, Contact Us for more information on our Comal Tube Rentals and Pricing!

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We now take reservations with full payment in advance.  Call now
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Comal Rockin' R provides tubes and river gear for tubing on the Comal River.

Comal Rockin' R offers 4 different types of tubes for all your tubing pleasure on the Comal River.

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