Comal River Rules

We don't make 'em, but they are enforced by the NBPD... Comal River Rules In New Braunfels

Cans Littering The Comal RiverThere is NO can ban while under appeal from the city!  While you now can bring disposable containers on ther river, we sell many different types of reusable containers at our store for your convenience.  Try our Bubba Kegs!  They come in different sizes and are very well insulated to keep your drink cold for hours.

Comal Rockin' R provides you with all the necessities you'll need for a day on the Comal River. The Comal River is crystal clear and magnificent, and Comal Rockin' R wants to help keep it that way. Comal Rockin' R doesn't make the rules for the Comal River, but Comal Rockin' R does want all of its customers to be aware of them and keep the Comal River beautiful and clean all season. The rules are also enforced by the New Braunfels Police Department, so it's good to know them before heading out on the Comal River from Comal Rockin' R.

Comal County:

No matter where you are in Comal County, glass and Styrofoam are prohibited on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, right along with littering. Be respectful of the Comal River, there are fish and other animals that call it home.

New Braunfels city limits

If you are tubing within the New Braunfels city limits on the Comal River, there is a limit of two tubes per person on the Comal River, and inflatable flotation devices can not exceed a five foot diameter, or width at the narrowest point. There also can not be any vessels exceeding an 18 foot length on the Comal River, and canoes and kayaks can not use the Last Tubers Exit on weekends, or holidays.

Containers under 5 fluid ounces and volume drinking devices are not permitted on the Comal River.

You can bring music and noise with you, but they may not be audible beyond 50 feet. Having fun is not against the rules, but jumping from bridges, dams, or trees is. These can be very dangerous, and can cause injury or death to yourself or even others.

In River Acres, Last Tubers Exit, Cypress Bend Park, Hinman Island, and Prince Solms Park, alcohol is not allowed. Comal Rockin' R would also like to remind everyone that you must be 21 years of age to legally consume alcohol, and all federal and state laws still apply.

If you are unsure if something is allowed on the Comal River or not, don't hesitate to ask Comal Rockin' R.

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